Current news/updates

Drought update:

It has been confirmed as the worst drought in 120 years, in fact, the worst on record!

The conditions in the far Indian and Pacific Oceans have resulted in reduced rainfall, along with underlying reductions in southern wet season rainfall and an underlying temperature increase.

How has the drought affected Tulip Top Gardens?

For the very first time in 22 years, Tulip Top Gardens will NOT open with a full watercourse, therefore our waterfall is also not functioning with running water until we get some rainfall.

We are disappointed this magical part of our gardens will not be visible until there is some rainfall and we want to be transparent and advise you of this PRIOR to visiting and paying your entry fee.

We know you will all understand that live stock and livelihood are more important than a watercourse/waterfall. We have neighbours who have dry dams, neighbours bringing in water supplies to keep stock alive, not to mention drinking water.

At Tulip Top Gardens we have bore water, this source of water has been the focus on our gardens. We have been hand watering like mad. A few days out from opening, we can confidently say, the gardens are looking divine!

There are splashes of colour everywhere in the tranquil valley. Lerida Estate are moving in for daily wine tasting, the gift shop is bursting to open, the bands are all lined up, day one is mounting as a very special day with the launch of the Indigenous garden bed at 11am, along with the Indigenous inspired weaving workshop at 1.30pm.

Without rainfall, we simply cannot fill the watercourse and have the waterfall in action, so let’s keep fingers crossed for rain. Rain for all those that need it, rain for all those that have livestock and whose lives depend on it.

To those folks in QLD/NSW in the line of fires, we keep our fingers crossed for you in terms of conducive weather and adequate supplies available.

We advise you upfront of our current situation, knowing you have our back. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating the best of spring at Tulip Top Gardens 2019! At last check, rain is forecast at the end of this month.

Thank you all in advance for your understanding.


Day 1:

14 September 11.00am- the inaugural launch of our first ever Indigenous garden bed.

1.30pm-3.00pm Indigenous inspired introduction to weaving workshop – bookings essential and numbers limited. To enquire/book, email   Tulip Top is hosting this event, not organising it.