2020 Admission Prices


2020 prices:

Adult: $18.00 P/P

Senior/pensioner: $17 P/P

Children 16 years and under: FREE

$PRICE  for organised groups of 8 or more -this includes nursing homes, age care, community groups and general organised and booked in or travelling together groups AVAILABLE and confirmed with speaking with Pat or Bill.

  • We are not an affiliated/registered business that accepts companion cards as we only open for one month of the year. Our rates are strictly set out above.

Entry price includes free tea/instant coffee, and selected weekend entertainment/bands, workshops and daily gift shops.

A season pass can also be purchased from the main entry for $40. This allows the pass  holder unlimited visits while the gardens are open.  When purchasing your pass, photographic identification will be required and also checked each time you visit.

School group visits/excursions or group bookings can be requested by completing our 2019 group booking request form, then speaking to our coordinator by phoning 02 6230 3077. Confirmation is required for these types of bookings to occur.

EFTPOS facilities are available at the main entry, nursery and food outlets only.

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