Exhibitors and stalls

‘Tulip Top Treasures 16 September – 15 October 2017

The girls at Tulip Top Treasures are back in 2017 with an eclectic mix of collectables for the garden, the home and you!
Carole and Janet spend the whole year, leading up to our magic month, finding interesting and unusual pieces to decorate and adorn their marque
Each year they showcase pieces that you would not find easily. They follow trends for the latest ideas, like the solar cabbage moths that proved to be a big hit and endorsed by ‘aunty’.
Carole and Janet are passionate about enhancing your experience in the garden. Every year they come up with new and exciting treasures to tempt you and remind you of your wonderful time at the sensational world class Tulip Top Gardens. For Carole and Janet
it is all about the garden.
Last year as you will recall, we experienced around 5 days of sunshine in the magic month but that did not dampen the spirits of our girls – they laughed with you amongst the umbrellas and sun hats!
Come and see what’s new – you will be delighted.

carole 12




















Summerhill Road Wine Tastings


16 September to 15 October  2017 each weekend ONLY (including the two long weekends) you can find Summerhill Road at Tulip Top Gardens from 11am-4pm.

Summerhill Road produces award winning wine (both red and white) and during 2017 at Tulip Top Gardens they will be launching their 2017 Riesling.

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