framed waterfall high waterfall purple tulip and cherry blossom water course waterfall Bradford pear close close dark pink distant blooms Double flowering peach elvin 1 close up Elvin close up

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9 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. My mother and I visited Tulip Top this weekend after Floriade – it was the most lovely, serene and beautiful garden complemented by the perfect music and the lovely owners who were very helpful with information about the gardens. We will definitely be back with a picnic and bottle of wine or two!

  2. I will be visiting on Monday, 15th sept 2014.after Floriade, Hope the Tulips are open, Most of Floriade Tulips were still closed. I came too early, Late October is a better.

  3. A friend and I are coming up to Canberra on Friday, and after a friend from Batehaven told me about your gardens and I’ve seen the pictures you have posted, I can’t wait to come and see them all for myself. They look really magnificent. Barb

  4. The garden is even better in real life and I love the background music. The blossom and willow trees make a wonderful background to the tulips and the violas and bellis used in edging the borders are so pretty. We arrived early and had the place almost to ourselves for half an hour – I must have taken well over 100 photos. Well worth travelling all the way from Adelaide.

  5. When i first saw your photo’s I was shocked at how many different varieties of tulips there are.Thank you for the view!
    I wish you well,from Matthew. I would like to visit you next year.

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